A look at Cory Skyy

5 Nov

Cory Skyy and WomenDid you ever heared about one of the most genuine, real and amazing Dating Coaches, called Cory Skyy? If you are an guy that daily reads plenty of dating advice, you should seriously take a look at Cory, if you didn’t yet.
Cory Skyy has been noticed first by a stranger that had been watching Skyy in a Night Club, pulling out the most amazing and beautiful women. However, he asked Cory to teach him the amazing ability to attract and date beautiful women too.

Throughout the Years, Corys personal challenge was to find out the traits that made him succesfull with girls, and share them with his students, so that they could have the very same experience and success in life.

These Days, Cory Skyy has now developed a bunch of products such as the Magnetic Mindset Programm, Lifestyle Coaching Series and different Live Coachings.

Cory’s mission is to teach every men that he posseses the natural ability to attract women to him magneticly too. All that people need to do is to let go all of the negativ adaption that they gone through in the past

Cory Skyy and Women

Here is an quick overview of few teaching Methods that Cory Skyy offers to his students:

  • Mindset Work

This part is set to help students restore and install a strong, postiv belief System. It starts with clearing out garbage such as negativ beliefs and blocks that hold them back from achieving their goals.

  • Awareness Work

This is where most of his students work even more on things that they have learned and begin to experience miracles and a new way of beeing.

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